The RabbleBerries —
1st CD: JAM

The RabbleBerries 'Jam' CD cover. The RabbleBerries 'Jam' CD cover.

  1. Crossing the WaterBill Staines, © 1992 Mineral River Music/ Bug Music, (BMI)[3:16]
  2. The Goodnight Loving TrailUtah Phillips, © On Strike Music[4:11]
  3. Providence Ferry© 1999 Joe Charron (SOCAN)[2:13]
  4. Old-Fashioned Spice Cake© 1999 Karen Gillmore[4:15]
  5. Island Train© 2008 Alan O’Dean[3:27]
  6. Home Grown TomatoesGuy Clark, © EMI/April Music (ASCAP)[3:19]
  7. The I’m AloneWade Hemsworth, © 1995 Blackfly Music[5:21]
  8. Borderlines© Valerie Depriest and Gail Gingrich[3:37]
  9. Lord Billion© 2009 Alan O’Dean[2:53]
  10. Have you Been to Jail for Justice?© 1998 Anne Feeney (BMI)[3:09]
  11. Hit ’em in the Bottom Line© 2008 Alan O’Dean[3:57]
  12. Islands© Jane Meneely (additional lyrics by Virgo Rising)[3:48]
  13. Marco Polo© 1988 Jim Stewart (SOCAN)[3:00]
  14. Diamond Bright Day© 2009 Alan O’Dean[3:15]
  15. Kayak Song© 2005 Karen Gillmore[3:07]
  16. We Can RunBrent Mydland/John Perry Barlow, © Ice Nine Publishing[4:00]
  17. Sleepin’ Rough© 2008 Alan O’Dean[4:06]
  18. Wild GooseWade Hemsworth, © 1995 Blackfly Music[4:16]

Karen Gillmore: vocals, Irish and bamboo flutes, 4-string banjo, guitar, harmonica, djembe
Sharon Hazelwood: vocals, autoharp, various shakers and drums
Alan O’Dean: vocals, classical and steel string guitars, mandola, autoharp, kalimba
Ken Orchard: vocals, washtub bass, frog, uke, obsidian chimes, train whistle

Engineered, mixed, produced, and mastered by Mike Freeman, Red Road Recording, Suquamish, WA. Recorded live in the living room at the Montrose Folk Ghetto, Victoria BC, November 2009
Graphics by Tania Opland and Karen Gillmore; Cover art and photos by Karen Gillmore
RabbleBerries hand drawing: Alan O’Dean; RabbleBerries photo by Ron Gillmore

Thank you to:

Mike Freeman for his patience and masterful use of the technology needed to make us sound like us;
Tania Opland, CD Godmother, for graphics assistance, moral support and backrubs; both Mike and Tania for sage advice;
Ron Gillmore for his photographer’s eye and website wizardry;
and John Taylor and Lynn Beak for their hospitality.
And to Bishop, Milley, and Mak: no cats were actually harmed in the making of this album, but two were seriously inconvenienced, and another only slightly.

to contact us,

phone: 250-384-5174
for bookings and information.

It's Jam!

The RabbleBerries are pleased and excited to announce that our 1st album, “Jam”, is still available. We are very happy with the quality of the recording, done by Mike Freeman in our very own living room, and painstakingly and artistically mixed so it sounds “just like us”!

There are 18 songs on the album, both originals by Alan O’Dean and Karen Gillmore, and covers by all sorts of folks. This album is sure to have you singing along in no timeand probably dancing around the house too.

To order one or more of these fine CDs, call 250-384-5174, or e-mail rabbleberries@ gmail.comThere will be a small charge for mailing (or if you are in Victoria, you can arrange to pick it up).

Our CD price is $20 for 1 CD. Also, we’ll sell you 2 CDs for $30 and you can mix and matchwe still have some Virgo Rising CDs left.

“From the joy of trains and homegrown tomatoes, to the injustice of economic globalization and the poverty and homelessness it creates, The RabbleBerries’ first CD promises to both entertain and enlighten.”Victoria Street Newz, January 2010